In my work I focus on what I enjoy in nature: landscapes, flowers, tree bark, plowed fields, a grain of a leaf. I try to capture in particular the rhythms and structures in nature in my works.


I make paintings, drawings and screen prints in my studio in Culemborg.


I had my education at the Utrecht School of the Arts and years before I started painting during my student years in Nijmegen at the Cultural Center De Lindenberg.

Own Works

I like to make my own independent work. I take many photos during walks; I often use these as a starting point for new work.


Landscapes that give me inspiration are the Lek River area, especially around Culemborg, and the French countryside.

Tekening Bourgonisch Landschap.jpg
Tekening Bourgonisch Landschap.jpg
Tekening Bourgonisch Landschap.jpg

On Assignment

I enjoy working on assignment as well. Every time it is a great challenge to find a suitable solution for an assignment. For example, I make illustrations for books, birth / wedding cards and toy boxes. Everything is possible. Interested? Send an email to mailaantrix@gmail.com.